The Big10

The Big 10 is a one-of-a-kind gathering that brings distinguished personalities and professionals from African and the GCC countries within 10 of the largest industries in the world to come together, network, collaborate, build relationships, engage in business, trade and work towards the common goal of a sustainable future.

We understand that regional collaboration is vital to global economic growth and productivity. There is potential everywhere in the world and what is more important is the uniqueness in this potential. Countries from across the globe excel in different sectors and we believe that one country’s surplus can satisfy another country’s needs. This is exactly why we have The Big 10.

We believe that as the world changes, there is a pressing need to leverage on the existing and untapped opportunities that abound. Leveraging collaboration, alliances and innovation, The Big 10 will be the catalyst needed to bring together the individuals capable of making a difference. It promises to be a convergence of high-level professionals from our Big Ten industries of focus – Agriculture, Logistics, Real Estate, Trade, Technology, Manufacturing, Finance, Energy, Mining and Tourism.

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24 - 25, Nov 2020


The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.