The Big 10


Borderless Transactions

This is an annual event that creates room for the biggest economic stakeholders in Africa, the GCC and MENA regions to connect, network and collaborate. It brings together countless stakeholders from African countries and GCC countries within 10 of the most lucrative industries in the world.

It is a first of a kind and is the best platform for these stakeholders to meet a common goal of creating a sustainable, free flowing and profitable future for the world.

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Get a chance to meet with renowned personalities from other countries across various industries. It is a vital opportunity to learn about cutting-edge solutions in your industry, network with other attendees and build great trade relationships.

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Participate in educational seminars, ask questions and generate new ideas to grow your business. It is an opportunity to get familiar with products and business strategies that will keep you ahead of the curve.

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An avenue to connect with like-minded business enterprises and build long-lasting trade partnerships.

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An exclusive opportunity for you to pitch business ideas to industry leaders and potential investors. Indeed, two days can change your life.

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Showcase samples of your products directly to thousands of attendees from everywhere around the world.

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Participating in this conference will create a fertile ground for you to boost your brand, and also advertise your products and services to potential customers.

10 BIG



The tourism sector is very lucrative. Countries are investing huge sums to modernize and maintain natural tourist attractions. Tourism generates revenue, drives exportation and provides employment opportunities across several economies of the world.

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The demand for food is directly proportional to the increase in the world’s population. Total world population is set to rise to 9 billion and food demand increased by 60% by 2050. The Big 10 is an avenue for countries to collaborate, research and revamp multiple agricultural value chains in an effort to ensure sustainability and food security.

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For commerce to thrive, there is a need to maintain the perfect condition of goods transported to and from customers. Large chunks of money go into maintenance and construction of roads, ports and airports on an annual basis. The supply chain and distribution networks across all Big 10 countries will be ultimately properly managed in the face of collaborations.

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Real estate is the mainstay of every industry. With rapid urbanization, business expansion and tourism across the world, there would be high demands for modern offices, hotel accommodation and residential apartments. The Big 10 countries are partnering to sponsor ambitious projects to meet up with global standards and eventually surpass previously set investment records.

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All the resources needed to develop the world are hidden under the earth. The mining sector is a prospective catalyst for economic development in the Big 10 countries. Although many countries are already exploring the huge potential in mining, a coming together will maximize the extraction of natural resources.

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The manufacturing sector is a demanding one. There is a constant need to produce goods that meet customer’s expectations and specifications. This production need evolves with time. There is also rising demand for labour, technology, machinery and equipment for mass production. The joint input of the Big 10 countries will facilitate industrialization across all member states.

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Energy is essential for national productivity and development. An increment in energy supply will lead to improvements across all other industries. The Big 10 governments are putting measures in place to ensure conservation and to cut down wasteful consumption of electricity and gas.

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International trade is very important for global economic stability. Countries must be willing to find synergy between their respective economies and promote trade. The Big 10 aims to find level ground for seamless business transactions and foster international trade between countries.

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Development requires finance. Progressive governments and corporations are actively pursuing innovative ways to reach their financial goals. Funding is required to fuel economic development across all sectors. The Big 10 is a key opportunity for countries to undergo financial restructurings and mobilize resources for inclusive and sustainable prosperity.

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A country’s technological advancement is the gateway to effective global participation. Companies are adopting modern technologies to cut cost and automate services but some countries still lack enabling environments for tech startups to thrive. The Big 10 seeks to bridge the technology gap between countries and ensure that none is left behind.

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