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After setting up a business, you will need equipment, materials and supplies to operate. Having set up many businesses across Africa and the GCC, we understand business needs across many industries. Our procurement service ensures that you get best equipment and services from certified suppliers and quality service providers.

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What makes us successful?

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At the end of a thorough internal needs analysis, our procurement team selects a suitable vendor. Every vendor is vetted to ensure the delivery of quality products that stands the test of time.

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Negotiation by our experts is more effective and profitable. We have built long-lasting business relationships with several vendors as a result of continuous business transactions. This makes it possible to purchase in bulk. Our market leverage allows for better discounts which saves you money.

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It is important to ensure that appropriate steps are in place for vendors to successfully deliver the products/services under the contract. We will contact the supplier to monitor supply markets and trends to determine the products and services that are suitable for your business.

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We purchase products and services at the right price, in the right quantity, at the right specification that meets client’s needs, and deliver at the right time.